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With Great Care, LLC & DCLA Productions, LLC Present:

The Hope Campaign

































The Hope Campaign is a presentation that teaches its participants how to clearly define hope, measure hope, and discover creative ways to inspire hope in others. It also discusses common practices of marketing and how to create desire for a particular outcome, such as educational achievement, in communities where educational achievement may not be promoted or favored.


This three-part presentation will help to uncover the effects of hopelessness among educational staff, student leaders, and general student body populations. Staff and student leader conversations can be tailored to address various topics including; graduation rates, end of course testing, college acceptance, or occupational success post-graduation. Larger student body presentations are live applications of strategies for inspiring hope with the intentional use of music, videos, inter actives, and incentives for participation.


Those who have participated in the Hope Campaign leave not only with a renewed since of Hope in closing the great gap of education equality, they also leave with practical ways to enhance the charge in their schools. The most incredible outcome, is the increased active participation from the general student body and the intentionality of student leaders as they work to become better representations of hope for their friends.

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